Raising the Profile


Because you work in a lab out of sight, the life-saving importance of what you do can sometimes be hidden. Many in the provincial government, in the hospital, and in the public don’t yet know that all healthcare goes through the lab.


This year, we've developed a new micro-funding program that recognizes efforts to raise the profile of medical laboratory professionals: within your lab, hospital, healthcare network, town, city, or riding.

Are you passionate about sharing the work of the medical laboratory with the world? This fund is for you!


Possible Activities

Not sure where to begin? Here are some possible activities this grant could include:

  • Bring an MPP to tour the lab and learn about the issues you’re facing there

  • Plan a dinner to welcome newcomers to your rural community on behalf of the medical lab

  • Invite a group of high-school students into your lab to learn how they can save lives with science. Or, go to speak to a high school and let us cover your day’s pay!

  • Make a poster to circulate on community boards and around your town to highlight the issues you’re facing

  • Host a speaker that the entire hospital will benefit from

  • Shoot a video with your lab that could be shared on social media. This can be serious or funny!

  • Make a sticker or button campaign that patients and medical laboratory staff can take with them

  • Develop a photo series about life in the medical laboratory with a local photographer 

  • Bring other groups together within the hospital for an inter-professional learning event

  • Dream up a fundraiser that highlights medical laboratories and invite local media

  • Work with a local radio station to develop an audio profile

  • Your wildest imagination! 

Fund Criteria

This funding can be used at any time of the year. Although Med Lab Week in April is the classic time to plan an event, sometimes another month is a better fit for your plans and your workplace.


Funds will range from $250-$750. Match funds with your workplace, a local organization, or a community foundation to increase your reach even further.


Here’s How:

  • Team applications must consistent of at least 50% MLPAO current members.

  • Applications must be submitted two months in advance of your proposed activity. Projects must be complete by December 31, 2020.

  • The MLPAO will promote your event or project through our social media channels.

  • Where appropriate, we will include the project in our podcast, ‘The Dish’, or our quarterly publication the ADVOCATE.

  • Your application must demonstrate how your proposed activity will promote the profession.