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Special Considerations


If you are a newcomer to Ontario and have a diploma, degree and relevant work experience from another country as a Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician (MLA/T), you can have your academic credentials, work experience assessed and recognized in order to be eligible to write the MLPAO MLA/T certification exam under the "Special Considerations" category.

Before you apply, please read and self-evaluate your knowledge and skills with the Competencies expected of an entry-level Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician (MLA/T) document. 




NOTE: Your education and experience in another country do not automatically make you eligible to write the certification exam.

How to Apply


Special consideration applicants will be required to submit the following for assessment:

  1. A copy of your resume

  2. A letter from your current and or past employer(s) stating the position held, length of time in the position and a list of duties performed. A ‘Record of Employment’ (ROE) and or contract agreements will not be accepted.

  3. Completed Experience Verification Form. Experience that includes a minimum of 20 successful phlebotomy procedures, 10 successful ECG procedures, and 80 hours of practical experience in a *medical testing facility or equivalent. This form must be signed by the laboratory director, supervisor or delegate as proof of completion. *Note: A testing facility is a laboratory licensed under the “Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act” where the candidate is/has performing/performed technical functions within the scope of practice of a medical laboratory assistant/technician. 

  4. An academic credentials assessment must be provided by all applicants who received their education outside of Canada. For the list of approved academic credential assessment services.

  5. A copy of all certificates, diplomas, degrees, transcripts and course outlines (if available) from the education received in the science field.


Special Consideration applicants may be required to take refresher or specific course work at the discretion of the MLPAO if education and experience is greater than 5 years old and to address any competency gaps that may not have been covered by previous education and experience.

How to Register & Send Supporting Documentation

  1. Do not send original documents as they will not be returned.

  2. Email to the attachments of scanned documents or photos of documents or,

  3. Mailed or post-marked copies of documents by the deadline date to: MLPAO - PO BOX 100 STN LCD 1, Hamilton ON L8L 7T5


Review, assessment and approval takes place once the exam registration is complete. This includes all documents and fees must be received. Applicants will be notified by email of their eligibility approximately one (1) month following the application registration deadline.


HealthForceOntario’s (HFO) Access Centre for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs) provides programs and services to IEHPs to help them integrate into the Ontario health care system with the primary goal of helping them become trained, licensed, and employed in their profession or an alternative career. Please contact them directly for further information on how the Access Centre can help you.  

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