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Thank you for all that you do! To show our appreciation, a treasure box has been sent to your lab with gifts to recognize the lifesaving work you do! 

How to get involved in the #LabsSaveLives campaign:

- Grab a bracelet from the treasure box and wear it.

- Grab a button from the treasure box and wear it.

- Grab a sticker from the treasure box and put it on your water bottle, laptop etc.

- Grab a postcard from the treasure box and strike a pose.

- Take pictures with your colleagues and post them to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

- Use the #LabsSaveLives cover photo as your social media background from April 9-15

- Share the #LabsSaveLives poster to you social media on April 9-15

Use the Hashtag: #LabsSaveLives

Tag Us On Instagram and Facebook: @mlpaolablife

Tag Us On Twitter: @MLPAOnews

We want to flood social media with images of lab heroes to raise awareness with government, media, interprofessional health care partners, and the public of the essential lifesaving work you do! Our #LabsSaveLives campaign provides a personal connection for the general population as we continue to advocate for labs.

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