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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are the heart of the MLPAO, whereby they contribute their time to help keep our society moving and growing. If you are interested in volunteering, please review the open positions listed below. 



Exam Renewal Panel

The MLPAO invites its Members to participate in the Renewal of the MLA/T Certification Exam.


The MLPAO is committed to ensuring that MLA/T training and testing is up-to-date and relevant to the current scope of practice in Ontario. As part of this commitment, the MLPAO continually renews the MLA/T Certification Exam.

Future Laboratorians of Ontario

The MLPAO is excited to launch its FLO initiative designed to increase awareness and generate interest in Medical Laboratory Technology as a profession with high school students across Ontario.

The MLPAO is looking for members from across Ontario to become FLO ambassadors who will:
1. Deliver prepared presentations to high school students in their home district
2. Be a resource to guidance counsellors and students about the profession
3. Collaborate in the development of resources for high school students

We are seeking ambassadors from each of the MLPAO districts across Ontario.

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