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MEDIA Releases

In our continuing efforts to champion for the essential work for our members, the MLPAO has and continues to report of essential matters to our workforce. Below are media releases created by the MLPAO on your behalf. 

Press Release: March 26, 2024

The Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario Welcomes Record Investments for Ontario Medical Labs in Budget 2024

Press Release: June 8 2023

MLPAO in Ottawa for Two Day Learning Event

Press Release: April 9 2023

Ontario Med Lab Week 2023 Labs Save Lives

Media Release: Mar 24 2023

Ontario Budget 2023

Media Release: Jan 26 2023

CMO Respiratory Season Response 

Research: November 8, 2022

Research by TMU Profs Could Help Diagnose Cancer with a Blood Drop.


Media Release: Nov 1 2022

Ontario Medical Professionals to visit Queens's Park this week.


Media Release: June 6 2022

Congratulations Premier Ford - Time to Focus on Labs

Media Release: October 27 2021

Avoid Closures by Investing in Medical Laboratory HHR

Media Release: September 16 2021

Healthcare Workers Deserve Respect, Gratitude, and Safe Passage

Media Release: August 30 2021

Call to Action - Invest in Laboratory Health Human Resources

Media Release: August 8 2021

Action Needed to Avert 4th Wave Stress on Healthcare System

Media Release: April 24 2021

Lab Capacity a Critical Consideration in Third Wave

Media Release: April 7 2021

Medical Laboratory Professionals Need Support Now

Media Release: March 24 2021

MLPAO Response to the 2021-22 Ontario Budget

Media Release: November 25 2020

Response to Auditor General's COVID-19 Preparedness and Management Special Report

Media Release: October 23 2020

Action Now for Ontario Labs Suggests Human Resource Shortages

Media Release: October 2 2020

MLPAO Response to Ontario's COVID-19 Fall Preparedness Plan

Media Release: September 23 2020

MLT Shortage Unresolved Bottleneck for COVID-19 Testing

Media Release: September 1 2020

MLPAO Announces Multi-Step Plan - Action Now for Ontario Labs

Media Release July 16 2020

“Wave 2 + Flu” is Coming - Ontario Medical Labs’ Resource Crises Must Be Addressed


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