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Media Release: MLPAO Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

HAMILTON ON (March 4, 2022): “With the recent unprovoked violence in Ukraine, the MLPAO wishes to express our shock and outrage. With deaths, injuries, and displacements, this conflict is already resulting in a severe humanitarian crisis.

We stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian members, the people of Ukraine, and our colleagues in healthcare: medical laboratory professionals, scientists, and healthcare workers impacted by war.

Following on two years of the COVID-19 pandemic with 5M cases and 112K fatalities, Ukrainian healthcare workers are now navigating an invasion. Since the start of the invasion on February 24, there have already been thousands of fatalities and injuries.

Medical professionals are struggling to address the consequences as missiles fly overhead. We cannot imagine the persistence required; and acknowledge their bravery and commitment to their patients.

We join the Canadian Medical Association in calling for healthcare workers, medical facilities, and patients to be protected. With the added casualties of the war, added to other ongoing illnesses and injuries, healthcare workers, including medical laboratory professionals, must not be harmed as they continue to care for their patients in an increasingly dire situation.

MLPAO joins with the international community and Ontarians in calling for an end to the invasion.”

- Michelle Hoad, CEO, Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario.


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