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MLA/Ts: Continuing Education

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

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Are you an MLA/T who has passed the MLPAO Certification Exam? As an MLA/T Member, you qualify to use our cMLA/T^MLPAO credential that acknowledges you are a health care professional who has met the provincial standards, and you are maintaining continued competence and professionalism.

Credentialed MLA/Ts are included on our MLA/T Certification Registry, which is searchable by potential and current employers.  This new credential also requires MLA/Ts to submit 7 hours of Continuing Education throughout the 2021 year to ensure you are maintaining standards and keeping your professional knowledge up to date.

Guidelines: Workshops, conferences, participation on committees, laboratory inspections, online learning, and many other activities can be counted towards these requirements. Click here for a full list of Continuing Education activities.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a student who wrote and passed the exam in 2021, you do not need to upload hours in this year. Your CE requirement will begin in 2022, with 7 hours due by December 31, 2022.

FREE Online CE:

  • MediaLab: Your MLPAO Membership includes a subscription to MediaLab, with over 200 hours of free education to help meet these requirements. Contact to activate your account.

  • Pop-Up Webinars: We’ve also started a series of free pop-up webinars for members. Find out more and register on our website here:

  • ADVOCATE: Reading articles also counts (such as our publication, the ADVOCATE). Contact to receive instructions to access your My Documents section on your MLPAO Member Portal or ensure you're getting your printed copy.

Upload Hours to the MLPAO Member Portal:

  • Proof of Completion: Wherever possible, learning must be supported by original documentation. This can be a certificate, email confirmation for a lunch-and-learn, screenshot of an article, workshop invitation poster, conference agenda, course transcript, etc.

  • CE Attestation Form: Our CE Attestation Form may be used to confirm an activity (such as clinical teaching and training, a presentation, or volunteering) where no other options are available.

  • Document Reading: the proof of completion can be the cover or PDF of the article read, or a Word document with the titles and journals you accessed. Just make sure to include details on what you were reading and the time that was spent.

  • Document Training: We need a PDF or Word document that includes specific details - your workplace, name, date trained, location, hours, and a detailed description of the training. Please use our CE Attestation Form to document training.

If you have any questions about uploading your Continuing Education, contact us at!


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