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MLPAO Survey: Staffing Shortage - 2 Years Later - Closes Jan. 31

In 2020, we did two surveys to give the government a clear picture of the situation on the ground in labs. Through this data, we let them know 70% of medical laboratories started COVID-19 short-staffed, 81% were feeling burned out, 80% had their home life affected, and much more.

Our advocacy is working and we are being heard. Our government is asking for an update with current data on medical laboratory professionals. Two years later, we're asking the same questions again to show them how the situation has changed. As we present our Pre-Budget Submission this February, we will also share this data as part of our proposal.

We need your help to give the government the most accurate picture of labs in 2022 by including information from as many medical laboratory professionals as possible. Please help by completing this survey by January 31 and share with your teams and colleagues. All information shared will be kept anonymous.

Take the survey and help inform the government:


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