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Podcast: Women in STEM series

The MLPAO's Podcast "The Dish" is back with a new series! Our Women in STEM series examines the unique journeys of three different women in STEM. In this series, we discuss their backgrounds, education and career paths, and the challenges and joys of working in science.

Our first podcast features MLPAO MLT member Kelli-Ann Lemieux, MBA, MLT. Kelli-Ann is a Northern Lab Leader. She speaks with Michelle Hoad, MLPAO CEO about her early interest in science, her trajectory as a laboratorian and a leader, and the challenges and rewards of working in a lab.

You can listen to this episode and all of our episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or Soundcloud. We will be releasing this series monthly. Stay tuned for the next episode at the end of July!


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