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Pre-Budget Submission: MLT Shortage Crisis in Ontario Laboratories

This month, the Ministry of Finance confirmed receipt of our Pre-Budget Submission on the MLT Shortage Crisis in Ontario Laboratories.

This document outlines the roots of this issue and shares some current statistics about the shortage. We explain the major road blocks of training and clinical placements, as well as highlighting some currently under-served areas.

Our recommendations to the government are as follows:

  1. Fund 150 additional seats in MLT programs across Ontario: Cambrian College (Sudbury), St. Lawrence College (Kingston), St. Clair College (Windsor), OTU (Oshawa), Michener (Toronto).

  2. Provide capital funding to increase training laboratory capacity in educational institutions.

  3. Funding for 10 clinical placement preceptors to facilitate practical training in major hospitals.

  4. New Grad Incentive Program – funding for students completing placements in rural and remote communities.

MLPAO Pre-Budget Submission - February 2
Download • 1.15MB

We look forward to meeting with officials in the coming months to discuss this action plan!


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