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Thanking Ontario Medical Laboratory Professionals - April 19th – 25th, 2020

The Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario (MLPAO) is proud to celebrate Medical Laboratory Week which runs April 19-25th, 2020. The MLPAO has been representing medical laboratory professionals in Ontario since 1963.

#medlabthx was launched March 1st, and it is way for the public to show appreciation to these frontline workers that are testing for COVID19. A webpage has been created for the public to visit and post at thank you to these lab professionals.

“Ontario laboratory professionals are an essential part of our healthcare team during this pandemic, and as they often work behind the scenes, they are easily forgotten. This week is an opportunity to showcase our profession and appreciate the hard work that is done each day in Ontario laboratories where COVID19 testing occurs,” says Michelle Hoad, MLPAO Chief Executive Officer.

This year the MLPAO will be delivering bags of Hershey Kisses to labs across Ontario as a thank you to those lab professionals that are testing for COVID19 and still processing 500,000 regular lab tests every day in Ontario.

During this week, across Ontario laboratory professionals participate in a variety of activities to help raise the profile of the profession and bring awareness to this essential health care team.

“We would encourage the public to visit our website and post a thank you. When a lab professional is taking a break or is done their shift, they can read these messages and get inspired to keep working hard as they are looking for this virus in COVID19 testing," adds Hoad. Download the full press release here.

Toronto Proclaims Lab Professionals Week


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