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MEDIA RELEASE - Ontario Medical Lab Professionals to meet at Queen's Park Nov 3 2022

Media Release

HAMILTON, ON (November 1st, 2022) The Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario will be at Queen’s Park Thursday November 3rd, discussing the need for immediate funding to retain and recruit lab professionals in Ontario.

As the fourth largest healthcare profession in the province, Ontario’s medical lab professionals are working to deliver results fast, despite a severe short-staffing crisis. 70% of labs entered the COVID-19 pandemic short-staffed. About 41.3%1 are eligible for retirement in the next four to eight years, and 90% are experiencing burnout after 2.5 years of 24/7 COVID-19 testing, which added 25 million COVID19 tests to their case load.

Full details of the media release are here for your review.

Michelle Hoad, CAE Chief Executive Officer Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario Office: 416-485-6768 or 1-800-461-6768

MLPAO At Queen's Park 11-03-22 For Distribution
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