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Report: MLT Shortage Survey

We had an amazing response to our survey about human resources shortages, gathering data from 33% of laboratories across the province.

Yesterday our CEO Michelle Hoad met with two policy advisors from the Ministry of Health who report directly into Christine Elliott, informing them on several items specific to our impending shortage.

She reported our current findings: that MLTs shortages for the laboratory community projected in 4-8 years is actually occurring now; that this is primarily being felt in rural and remote communities. Many of the positions you reported have been on the market for over a year, particularly MLT positions in rural and remote areas.

Read the reports here:

Thank you to all laboratories that participated in this survey. The data was helpful in getting their attention!

Next Steps: If you are a manager or lab leader in a rural and remote community and would like to get involved in this initiative, please send Michelle an email at We hope to schedule a meeting through video conferencing over the next few weeks to discuss the larger strategy.

We are doing everything we can to address this issue, and we need your help and support to keep pushing this message.


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