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The Story of Ontario

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

We are happy to announce that laboratory professionals in Ontario are now represented by a new name & logo!

In 1963 a small group of Medical Laboratory Technologists wanted to ensure that MLTs were included and recognized in healthcare, therefore creating the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT). In the late 70s as health care expanded, new roles were introduced into the laboratory including Medical Laboratory Assistants/Technicians. The OSMT embraced this new group although the society's name remained the same.  We are happy to announce that laboratory professionals in Ontario are now represented by a new name Medical Laboratory Professionals' Association of Ontario (MLPAO) and a new logo which visually represents this partnership!


The Design Visually, the logo is comprised of three drops of blood that overlap to form the petals of a trillium, the official flower and symbol of Ontario. Where the petals overlap, a second trillium is formed at the centre.

The Meaning

Our vision is to put Medical Laboratory Professionals (MLPs) at the centre of healthcare in Ontario. While most MLPs work in laboratories that are invisible to the general public, the work they do provide physicians with the vital information they need to make accurate diagnoses and prescribe medical treatment. The MLPAO embraces all medical lab professionals, including technologists, technicians/assistants and the opportunity for other roles in the laboratory. These three groups are represented in the convergence of the three blood drops that form the trillium symbol. While we refer to these as “blood drops”, each is actually a slightly different colour, to represent the range of biological samples, serums and other medical specimens that MLPs may collect, test and analyze. Medical laboratory science is a diverse field, covering a wide range of activities, from the testing of blood, to the examination of cells, and DNA testing.

Our logo is now bilingual as to include both official languages in Ontario. Send us your thoughts on the new logo at We will be rolling out the new logo over the next few months. ​I hope you love it as much as we do. Thank you for being part of our story in Ontario.


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