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The "Thank You" Project

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

These are two words we don’t hear enough of.

Is there someone in your lab that has gone above and beyond? Do they deserve a formal thank you? We are launching this program so that every two months we will be profiling a member that has gone above and beyond. Do you know someone that is just fantastic? That makes coming to work a better place?

Be part of the revolution and nominate someone.

The Project

Every 2 months, the MLPAO will profile a MLPAO member who has been nominated by their colleagues for going above & beyond. The profile will be communicated across our social media channels, highlighting the member!

The Process

Do you have someone you'd like to nominate?

  1. In under 400 words, tell us why or how your colleague has gone above and beyond and deserves a big thank you! Send the email at

  2. Be sure to include your colleagues full name, position & place of work.

  3. If possible, include a photo of your colleague.

The Rules

  • The nominee must be a current member with the MLPAO.

  • The nominee must consent to having their profile communicated via social media, e-blast and the ADVOCATE publication.

  • Six (6) MLPAO members will be recognized throughout the year.

Submissions must be made prior to the end of the 60 day period of recognition. The deadlines are as follows:

  1. February 28, 2019

  2. April 30, 2019

  3. June 30, 2019

  4. August 31, 2019

  5. October 31, 2019

  6. December 31, 2019


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