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Welcome Ances Hercules - Director, Professional Services

The MLPAO is so excited to welcome Ances Hercules to the team as our new Director, Professional Services.

Ances is a passionate cMLA/T^MLPAO with a specialization in paediatric patient care. She actively brings together strong stakeholder connections and brings to the team intersections with MLA/T training as well as experience in political engagement as a candidate in a previous running for Toronto City Councillor.

In 2009, Ances made the decision to transition from a business office administrator to pursuing a career in healthcare. She chose this field because of the rewarding feeling of giving back to those in need. She attended Medix College where she obtained her MLA/T certification; and then successfully challenged the MLPAO exam.

In 2011, Ances joined the William Osler Health System team working as an MLA/T in the Emergency Department. Shortly after, she transitioned with the specialized paediatric outpatient department at the new Peel Memorial Center for Integrated Health & Wellness. She has also been proudly employed by The Hospital for Sick Children.

With almost 10 years of combined experience, she has shown great initiative in her career by strengthening her skills in patient-care relations. Whether it is going above and beyond for her patients during their hospital visit by taking that extra time to listen and hear the child or parent’s concerns or even singing the child’s favourite song in order to ease their nerves for the best venipuncture experience.

Ances has sat on the Medix College School Council Committee, where she was an advisor on ways MLA/Ts’ in-class learning and training can impact the workplace. She has also served on the MLPAO’s Board of Directors as a Board Advisor. She believes that being part of healthcare has its challenges, but the rewards are endless. Her pursuit towards continuing education into a Public and Community Health Degree has solidified her commitment and passion for healthcare.

As MLPAO’s new Director, Professional Services, Ances Hercules will be providing oversight of the MLPAO’s programs to ensure that a member centered approach is embedded in all aspects of our association services. She will bring her strong constellation of experience as an MLA/T, politician, and educator to the MLPAO’s certification, publication, promotions, and advocacy initiatives.

We are overjoyed to have her as part of our team!


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