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Future Laboratorians of Ontario (FLO)

Many MLTs discover the field looking for practical applications for their BSc and wish they’d found this career path straight out of high school. Our Future Laboratorians of Ontario program helps science-engaged high school students connect with a career in medicine that they might not have known existed. 

Ontario is experiencing an immediate need for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs), scientists who serve a crucial role in healthcare. Without their analysis of blood, tissue, and fluids, physicians would be unable to diagnose and monitor infection, cancer, pregnancy, heart attacks, and much more. Their work indicates if prescribed medicine is working, what type of blood a patient requires, or if a virus is present. 
The MLPAO offers virtual field trips, posters, and other resources to share information about the profession with interested students. Get a visit from a working MLT who presents on their day-to day in the lab, 
shares information on how to begin training, and answers any questions the students might have!

The MLPAO has partnered with ChatterHigh to create an interactive “Health Services Pathways in Ontario” online module designed to help students explore the skills, responsibilities, and education requirements of the career pathways to become a lab professional.  The gamification aspect helps to engage students in learning about the lab profession.  Registration is free for both students and teachers.


Aligns well with course curriculum for Grade 10 Careers, Science, Healthcare, Experiential Education, Specialist High Skills Major, and much more. 

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