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Reports, Surveys, Research and More

The MLPAO regularly conducts research in the form of environmental scans as well as surveys of our membership. 

MLPAO HHR Report.png
Letter: Extension of the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant

This letter is a formal communication from the Ministry pertaining to the extension of the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant for the 2024-25 school year. Read the letter - click here.
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Report: Patient Care Impacted by Delay in Laboratory Testing
February 2024

The report provides an update on the impact that the shortage of MLTs is having on Ontario labs and patient care.  Read the report - click here.
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Research: Examining the health and functioning status of medical laboratory professionals in Ontario, Canada: an exploratory study during the COVID-19 pandemic
Genavieve Joncic, Mahika Jain, Vijay Kumar Chattu, Basem Gohar, and Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia - BMJ Open, November 2023
This study details research findings on the mental status of Ontario-based MLPs as observed through a health questionnaire organized and distributed by the MLPAO.  
Read the article - click here.
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Report: Ontario Based Steering Committee Examines the Changing Needs of the Lab Profession
This report provides insight into the Ontario Based Steering Committee's input on human health resource shortages prevalent across Ontario laboratories.  Read the article - click here.
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Research: Hidden and Understaffed: Exploring Canadian Medical Laboratory Technologists’ Pandemic Stressors and Lessons Learned
Patricia Nicole Dignos, Ayesha Khan, Michael Gardiner-Davis, Andrew Papadopoulos, Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Myuri Sivanthan, and Basem Gohar - Healthcare, October 2023

This study provides insight into the unprecedented demands of MLTs across Canada during the pandemic, and provides recommendations to enhance the sustainability of the laboratory workforce to ensure preparedness and  resiliency among MLTs. Read the article - click here.

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Pulse Check: MLPAO Members Rate Solutions to the MLT Shortage
July 2023 (Prepared by the MLPAO)
MLPAO conducted a short survey requesting members to rank the solution to the Health Human Resources (HHR) shortage that they believe would be most effective. Read the report - click here.
MLPAO HHR Report.png
Survey Report: Shortage of LAB Professionals Rages on Post Pandemic
July 2023 (Prepared by the MLPAO)
MLPAO conducted a survey in Spring 2023 to assess the current staffing challenges facing Ontario labs. The results show rural and remote communities in dire trouble trying to staff lab professionals to support testing needs. Read the report - click here.
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Survey Report: Shortage of Genetics Medical Laboratory Technologists Causing Delays in Cancer Diagnosis
May 2023 (Prepared by the MLPAO)
The MLPAO conducted a survey in 2022 researching the shortage of Genetics Medical Laboratory Technologists. The results show that the shortage of Genetics MLTs is dire and needs to be addressed immediately. Read the report - click here.
MLPAO HHR Report.png
Memo: Ontario Learn and Stay Grant
March 6, 2023, The Honourable Jill Dunlop Minister of Colleges and Universities

The Government of Ontario is expanding the Ontario Learn and Stay Grant to train more healthcare workers. The grant, which was announced in March 2022 for students who enroll in nursing programs, will also include paramedic and medical laboratory technologist programs in priority communities. Read the full memo - click here. 

My project (13).png
Research: Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction in Medical Laboratory Professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Exploratory Study in Ontario, Canada
Joyce Lo, Yusra Fayyaz, Sharan Jaswal, Basem Gohar, Amin Yazdani, Vijay Kumar Chattu and Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, December 31, 2022

Job satisfaction has been studied extensively in the medical profession and is directly linked to performance. However, Medical Laboratory Professionals (MLP) have not been included in most of these studies despite being an essential part of the health care system. This study focuses on job satisfaction with MLPs of Ontario, Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic and the contributing demographic and psychosocial factors. Read the report - click here. 

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Supplemental Report: Medical Laboratory Professionals in Crisis – Post Omicron
Sept 2022 (Prepared by the MLPAO)
Medical laboratory professionals have been the backbone of the COVID-19 crisis. Ontario laboratories are experiencing severe burnout after two-plus years of intensive COVID-19 testing, the resumption of surgeries and catching up on testing from millions of Ontarians that are now more comfortable to visit healthcare centers and get tests. Read the report - click here. 
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Research: Examining the Mental Health, Wellbeing, Work Participation and Engagement of Medical Laboratory Professionals in Ontario, Canada: An Exploratory Study
Dr. Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Jingwen Dong, Dr. Basem Gohar, Michelle Hoad - Frontiers in Public Health, July 15, 2022

The study provides preliminary evidence regarding the workplace mental health outcomes of medical laboratory professionals in Ontario, Canada. The findings suggest that MLT and MLT/A experience psychosocial work conditions that impact mental health, functioning and disability. Read the article - click here.

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Survey: Wage Parity in Public and Private Sector Wages
July 2022 (Prepared by the MLPAO)
The MLPAO conducted a wage survey in Spring 2022 researching the differences in private sector and public sector wages and other compensation items for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) and Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians (MLA/Ts). Read the report- click here.
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Research: The Forgotten (Invisible) Healthcare Heroes: Experiences of Canadian Medical Laboratory Employees Working During the Pandemic
Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Basem Gohar - Frontiers in Psychiatry, March 16, 2022
MLTs and MLAs are critical members of the healthcare team and provide vital patient care services. This study explored their experiences working during the pandemic and offers timely recommendations to mitigate against occupational stressors. Read the article - click here
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Survey: Medical Laboratory Professionals at a Breaking Point – Two-Year Analysis 
February 2022 (Prepared by the MLPAO)

We conducted surveys in June and December 2020 in the first year of the pandemic. This report compares that data to a recent pulse taken in January 2022. It reveals medical laboratory professionals and laboratory services in a state of crisis two years later. Read the report - click here

My project (13).png
Research: Factors associated with burnout among medical laboratory professionals in Ontario, Canada: An exploratory study during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Jingwen Dong, Basem Gohar, Michelle Hoad - International Journal of Health Planning and Management, March 20, 2022

This study provides preliminary evidence regarding the factors associated with burnout in MLTs. Additional research is needed to understand their relationship with workers health and well-being and in the delivery of health services. Read the article - click here

MLPAO HHR Report.png
Report: Clinical Placements and the Shortage of MLTs
July 2021 (Prepared by Judy Tran, MLT MBA - Independent Research Consultant)

This report outlines the MLT shortage, clinical placements, and complicating factors. Following interviews with 22 stakeholders, a literature review, and a 2-hour think-tank with 18 participants, she proposes short- and long-term advocacy recommendations. Read the report - click here

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Survey: Laboratory Health Human Resource Shortage – Spring 2021
April 2021 (Prepared by the MLPAO)

This survey compared data from 2020 with data collected in Spring 2021. This briefing note highlights a shortage of 466 MLTs at 120 laboratory workplaces, far outpacing the 291 new applicants to the CMLTO in 2020. Read the report - click here

MLPAO HHR Report.png
Report: MLT Human Resource Shortage
November 2019 (Prepared by AiCon - Kris Bailey MLP, BA, MBA, PMP, ICD.D)

This spring, we commissioned a report to find out if the MLT shortage is real. A preliminary report was provided in June. Upon review, further feedback was required to ensure all stakeholders perspectives were included. The final report is now available: Report - click here or PowerPoint - click here.

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