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Reports, Surveys, Research and More

The MLPAO regularly conducts research in the form of environmental scans as well as surveys of our membership. 

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Report: Clinical Placements and the Shortage of MLTs
July 2021 (Prepared by Judy Tran, MLT MBA - Independent Research Consultant)

This report outlines the MLT shortage, clinical placements, and complicating factors. Following interviews with 22 stakeholders, a literature review, and a 2-hour think-tank with 18 participants, she proposes short- and long-term advocacy recommendations. Read the report - click here

MLPAO HHR Report.png
Report: MLT Human Resource Shortage
November 2019 (Prepared by AiCon - Kris Bailey MLP, BA, MBA, PMP, ICD.D)

This spring, we commissioned a report to find out if the MLT shortage is real. A preliminary report was provided in June. Upon review, further feedback was required to ensure all stakeholders perspectives were included. The final report is now available: Report - click here or PowerPoint - click here.