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Labs Are Asked to Do More with Less: Why Vendor-Neutral Middleware is an Important Solution to that Problem

Wednesday May 29, 2024 – 7 p.m.


Sponsored by Data Innovations


Presenters:  Maureen Marentette, VP of Global Marketing and Ralph Nehme, Territory Sales Mgr


Prenatal Screening – Serum Marker Screening and NIPT
Wednesday July 31, 2024 - 7 p.m.

Join Dr. Kun-Young Sohn as he shares information about why prenatal screening is performed, the conditions screened for, and the markers used for screening.  Dr. Sun will discuss the conditions diagnosed through prenatal screening and how the risks are assessed. 

Presenter:  Kun-Young Sohn, MD, PhD, FCACB

Clinical Biochemist, Department of Lab Medicine & Pathobiology, Credit Valley Hospital

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