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Michelle Hoad

Advocacy for Ontario Lab Professionals

Michelle is the CEO of the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association Of Ontario. Michelle joined the MLPAO in October 2016 at the time it was called the OSMT. Over the past 6 years the MLPAO has had a complete make over and have grown their membership by 73% and have positioned themselves as the voice of med lab professionals in Ontario. Prior to joining the MLPAO, Michelle consulted with several provinces in helping them raise the profile of med lab professionals with government and media.

Michelle was also with the CSMLS for about 5 years as Director of Marketing, Communication and Membership.

She is a certified association executive, has been invited to speak at many lab industry events across the country and is making great progress with the Ontario government in raising awareness of the issues with  lab shortages.

Over the past two years Michelle has had 160+ media appearances in Ontario and across the country reinstating the message that med lab professionals are at the center of healthcare, especially during this pandemic.

Michelle is a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal trainer and avid golfer . 


Michelle Hoad
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