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Future Laboratorians of Ontario (FLO)

A career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist is a great next step for BSc and other science-based degree and diploma programs. Our Future Laboratorians of Ontario program connects university and college students with the information they need to begin a career in medicine and save lives with science! 

Ontario is experiencing an immediate need for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs), scientists who serve a crucial role in healthcare. Without their analysis of blood, tissue, and fluids, physicians would be unable to diagnose and monitor infection, cancer, pregnancy, heart attacks, and much more. Their work indicates if prescribed medicine is working, what type of blood a patient requires, or if a virus is present. 
The MLPAO offers virtual field trips, posters, and other resources to share information about the profession with interested students. Get a visit from a working MLT who presents on their day-to day in the lab, 
shares information on how to begin training, and answers any questions the students might have!


If you are a student or teacher within a degree or diploma program for STEM, healthcare, or any other lab-related discipline, contact us to arrange a visit. 

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