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Reports, Surveys, Research and More

The MLPAO regularly conducts research in the form of environmental scans as well as surveys of our membership. 

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Research: The Forgotten (Invisible) Healthcare Heroes: Experiences of Canadian Medical Laboratory Employees Working During the Pandemic
Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Basem Gohar - Frontiers in Psychiatry, March 16, 2022
MLTs and MLAs are critical members of the healthcare team and provide vital patient care services. This study explored their experiences working during the pandemic and offers timely recommendations to mitigate against occupational stressors. Read the article - click here
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Research: Factors associated with burnout among medical laboratory professionals in Ontario, Canada: An exploratory study during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia, Jingwen Dong, Basem Gohar, Michelle Hoad - International Journal of Health Planning and Management, March 20, 2022

This study provides preliminary evidence regarding the factors associated with burnout in MLTs. Additional research is needed to understand their relationship with workers health and well-being and in the delivery of health services. Read the article - click here

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Survey: Medical Laboratory Professionals at a Breaking Point – Two-Year Analysis 
February 2022 (Prepared by the MLPAO)

We conducted surveys in June and December 2020 in the first year of the pandemic. This report compares that data to a recent pulse taken in January 2022. It reveals medical laboratory professionals and laboratory services in a state of crisis two years later. Read the report - click here

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Report: Clinical Placements and the Shortage of MLTs
July 2021 (Prepared by Judy Tran, MLT MBA - Independent Research Consultant)

This report outlines the MLT shortage, clinical placements, and complicating factors. Following interviews with 22 stakeholders, a literature review, and a 2-hour think-tank with 18 participants, she proposes short- and long-term advocacy recommendations. Read the report - click here

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Survey: Laboratory Health Human Resource Shortage – Spring 2021
April 2021 (Prepared by the MLPAO)

This survey compared data from 2020 with data collected in Spring 2021. This briefing note highlights a shortage of 466 MLTs at 120 laboratory workplaces, far outpacing the 291 new applicants to the CMLTO in 2020. Read the report - click here

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Report: MLT Human Resource Shortage
November 2019 (Prepared by AiCon - Kris Bailey MLP, BA, MBA, PMP, ICD.D)

This spring, we commissioned a report to find out if the MLT shortage is real. A preliminary report was provided in June. Upon review, further feedback was required to ensure all stakeholders perspectives were included. The final report is now available: Report - click here or PowerPoint - click here.

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