Promoting the Profession: MLPAO Community Fund 

The MLPAO stands for you: Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technicians, Pathologist Assistants, and other proud laboratory professionals at the center of healthcare. You are incredible hard-working teams detecting infection, identifying disease or cancerous cells, and providing blood to patients fighting for their lives. Healthcare teams rely on your work to collect samples, confirm diagnoses, inform treatment, and monitor progression. You stand together for the health of the patient. 

However, because you work in a lab out of sight, the life-saving importance of what you do can be a hidden. Many in the provincial government, in the hospital, and in the public don’t yet know that all healthcare goes through the lab. This year, the MLPAO has developed a new micro-grant program that recognizes efforts to raise the profile of medical laboratory professionals: within your lab, hospital, healthcare network, town, city, or riding. 

Collaborative Education Fund (CEF)


The MLPAO Collaborative Education Fund (CEF) provides support and sponsorship for professional development initiatives that positively impact and enhance the skills and knowledge of medical laboratory professionals. Support from the CEF is available to organizations and groups by application to the MLPAO. 

A total funding pool of $4,000 ($1,000 each quarter) will be made available annually by the MLPAO for events that are held in the province of Ontario. Every effort will be made to distribute the funding among the eight Districts of Ontario. The maximum funds available for each individual event will be $500.