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#LabISEssential Social Media

​Take a picture holding your Lab IS Essential sign or wearing your button or bracelet! Printable signs are included in black and white or colour below. Click here to send us a picture or share a picture on your social media with the hashtags #LabISEssential, #LabWeekON, and #MedLabThx.

  • Sample Social Post - #LabISEssential Sign: "#LabISEssential! [name of hospital/healthcare system/riding] could not function without the work of MLTs, MLA/Ts and other Medical Laboratory Professionals. Happy #LabWeekON and #MedLabThx to our amazing lab team for everything they do! Learn more at

  • Sample Social Post - Med Lab Week: “Medical laboratories are at the centre of healthcare! Although you might not see them, #LabISEssential. Happy #LabWeekON and #MedLabThx to medical laboratory professionals for everything they do! Learn more at

Downloadable Social Posts:
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